Local Video Game Repair is the leading game repair service company offering professional and experienced video game console repair for Xbox 360 Repairs including laser replacement dvd replacement RROD or also known as the Red Ring od Death or overheating problems. Our WII console repair includes DVD drive replacement WII motherboard replacement or WII faceplate replacement. Our Sony PSP repair services include LCD screen replacement laser replacement analog joystick replacement power board power switch replacement Sony PSP faceplate replacement UMD replacement motherboard replacement for Sony PSP. Our Nintendo DS DSI repair service include screen replacement hindge replacement motherboard replacement for Nintendo DS DSI touch screen replacement broken game slot pins. Local Video Game Repair also offers Playstation 3 repair services including blue ray laser replacement power supply replacement dvd drive replacement and Playstation 3 YLOD data recovery and playstation 3 harddrive replacement. Local Video Game Repair offers affordable shipping to our repair center we also offer 90 days warranty on all repairs sent to Local Video Game Repair. We offer local video game repair services to the following areas: Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Tx for all video game repair for Playstation 3 WII Console Sony PSP Nintendo DS Nintendo DSI Xbox 360.
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Game System Repair Customer Feedback

Micheal K. Brandon J. Joanna A.
Austin, Texas 78701 San Antonio, Tx 78201 Houston, Tx 77002
My Xbox 360 got the RROD (Red Ring of Death) I can't believe they were able to fix it, got my system back in 3 days. Way Cool. Working with Local Video Game Repair has been great got or Wii systems repaired, its a quick turnaround and comes with a 90 day warranty I dropped my daughters Sony PSP and cracked her screen while she was visting family, thank goodness for Local Video Game Repair.
Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair
Kathy P. Donald T. Zach J.
Sugar Land, Tx 77478 Dallas, Tx 75201 Austin, Tx 78733
Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair
Right in the middle of Call of Duty Blck Ops I got the RROD (Red Rings of Death). Man my gaming score was thru the roof. Local Video Game Repair saved my life man....Kudos I was paying Xbox Live Dead Space 2 for 42 hours straight passed out on the couch woke up to Red Rings of Death on my Xbox, called Local Video Game Repair was back on line in 2 days...AWESOME service. We were having a Wii game part for my daughter birthday after a few hours the game system stopped working. Found these guys on the internet they fixed my daughters Wii fast.
Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair Local Video Game Repair
Kyle J. Gamer 4 Life God of Halo 9
Beaumont, Tx 77701 Dallas, Tx 75235 San Antonio, Tx 78210
My Nintendo DSI had a broken game slot pin, after searching the internet I found this website, their prices were very affordable and got a 90 day warranty. Great service will definitley refer to all my buddies. My Playstation 3 stopped reading disc couldnt figure out what was going on. I called Local Video Game Repair and they replaced my DVD disc drive i got it back fast, alot faster than Sony quoted and way cheap too. Thanks Guys. Been playing Xbox live since it forst came out, my DVD Drive just stopped work, I was like what the hell. Did some research on the web and found this website, great service, technician knew exactly what was wrong. AMAZING!!


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