Local Video Game Repair is the leading game repair service company offering professional and experienced video game console repair for Xbox 360 Repairs including laser replacement dvd replacement RROD or also known as the Red Ring od Death or overheating problems. Our WII console repair includes DVD drive replacement WII motherboard replacement or WII faceplate replacement. Our Sony PSP repair services include LCD screen replacement laser replacement analog joystick replacement power board power switch replacement Sony PSP faceplate replacement UMD replacement motherboard replacement for Sony PSP. Our Nintendo DS DSI repair service include screen replacement hindge replacement motherboard replacement for Nintendo DS DSI touch screen replacement broken game slot pins. Local Video Game Repair also offers Playstation 3 repair services including blue ray laser replacement power supply replacement dvd drive replacement and Playstation 3 YLOD data recovery and playstation 3 harddrive replacement. Local Video Game Repair offers affordable shipping to our repair center we also offer 90 days warranty on all repairs sent to Local Video Game Repair.We offer local video game repair services to the following areas: Austin, Beaumont, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Tx for all video game repair for Playstation 3 WII Console Sony PSP Nintendo DS Nintendo DSI Xbox 360.
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Call us toll free to ship your game system.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. After payment has been made, we will ship your game system back within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). Sorry, we do not accept checks.


You can ship us your package with any carrier. We STRONGLY suggest you package your unit properly and securely; we are NOT responsible if we do not receive your package and/or it arrives damaged. Please get signature confirmation and insurance to insure that we receive your package on time. We are NOT responsible for delayed, lost or damaged shipments.We do NOT return broken parts with your repaired unit.


We offers a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. If your unit needs to be returned for repair under warranty, you will be responsible for shipping your unit back to us. We will pay shipping after the repair has been completed. Please note that you will void your warranty if your warranty sticker and/or serial number sticker have been altered or removed. Please be aware that by having us repair your game console, the manufacturer warranty may be voided.


We are NOT affiliated with the manufacturer of your game system, nor do we represent them or are supported by them in any way. We are independent service providers for game system repair. All logos used are the properties of their respective owners.


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